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Bajaj Hindusthan Limited - An Eco-friendly Company

Bajaj Group

Corporate Communication / Bajaj Group / Published Mar 2, 2020

Bajaj Hindusthan Limited is the largest sugar manufacturer in India with 14 sugar mills across 14 locations. Surpassing the competition, today, BHL is Asia’s number 1 and World’s number 4 integrated sugar company. We at BHSL is committed towards the responsibility of ensuring that social, economic and environment-friendly practices are diligently followed. We extended this sustainable objective through eco-friendly interventions.


1. Power Generation

We recycle bagasse residue to generate 428 MW of power. After meeting our captive needs, we supply 105 MW to the Uttar Pradesh state grid.


2. Ethanol Production

We have made pioneering efforts in the area of renewable fuel and are India’s largest and the world’s sixth-largest producer of ethanol.


3. Biogas

Our biogas plants for distillery effluents at Kinauni, Palia, Gola, Gangnauli, Khambarkhera and Rudauli are setting standards for distillery facilities across the country.


4. Improving the Soil Profile

We innovatively use sugarcane residue to complement chemical fertilizers. Low-cost bio-compost manufactured from press mud – a water waste product – improves soil texture and the carbon/nitrogen ratio.


5. Emission Controls

BHL has installed wet scrubbers to restrict emission. A third of the plants are developed as a green belt to mitigate the effects of any emissions.

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