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Enabling Self Employed Women with Business Skills

Bajaj Foundation

Corporate Communication / Bajaj Group / Published Mar 2, 2020

SHG members of the Bajaj Foundation underwent a Mini MBA course at Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) Ahmedabad to get acquainted with business skills for establishing the rural enterprises.


When it comes to rural areas, entrepreneurial opportunities for women are limited. And within that capacity, one of the key factors which stop women from exploring them is their hesitance because of lack of business skills. So, while they have hands-on technical knowledge, their limited exposure in managing business becomes a hurdle in amplifying their career.


Bajaj Foundation identified this gap between their growth potential and limitation. In order to enable women with the required business management skills, The Bajaj Foundation launched the Mini MBA Training programme at SEWA Ahmedabad.


The sole objective of this course was to empower women entrepreneurs towards efficient management of their small-scale enterprises. The training was conducted in collaboration with SEWA, Ahmedabad. Group of 18 women of self-help groups from across 6 villages of Deoli block underwent training through this programme. During the 21-day residential course, these entrepreneurs were exposed to different aspects of a business. Right from product selection, calculating MRP, quality control, packaging etc. to even advertising and marketing skills, these women received comprehensive training.


As a result, after a period of time, they developed expertise and initiated their individual and group-based enterprises which include Dal Mills, Turmeric grinding unit, Spices grinding units, Sewaiyya (noodles) making unit, various types of Pickles & Papad making unites, Paper plate production unit and a tailoring shop. In order to push their ventures, these entrepreneurs implemented the techniques learnt during the Mini MBA course which helped them raise their monthly earning from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000.

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