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Kinauni Sugar Mills – The Success Story

Bajaj Sugar

Corporate Communication / Published Mar 31, 2016

The year was 2004-05 when Kinauni Sugar Mills was established with the crushing capacity of 7000 T.C.D. And, just within two years, the crushing capacity expanded to 12000 T.C.D. The Kinauni Sugar Mill unit is a refinery unit under the process of phosphor floatation, followed by I.O.N. exchange. Kinauni Sugar Mills is also an F.S.S.C. 22000 certified unit.

Interesting to note here is that Kinauni Sugar Mills that produce export quality crystal sugar was established in record time and had started its crushing operations within 7 months. The Bhoomi pujan was initiated on 14th March 2004 and the crushing operation began on 5th October 2004. During the crushing season of 2019-2020, the factory has crushed 189.26 lakh quintals of cane, with a to-date recovery of 11.930/o, and 22.61 lakh quintals refined sugar was produced.

Sugar industry comes under the eco-friendly businesses and we ensure that our operations comply with the standards. Hence, we make bio-compost from the press mud of filtration of cane juice and then it is provided to our farmers as a bio-manure to maintain soil health. At Kinauni Sugar Mills, about 46000 families are supplying their cane and redeeming benefits from the sugar mills. In addition to sugar mills, we also have a distillery of 160 K.L.D. capacity. Kinauni distillery, established in 2006, is where we make E.N.A. and R.S.

Extending beyond our role for the community, as a part of our C.S.R. initiatives, we have introduced a branch of Bajaj Public School. The school, affiliated by C.B.S.C. board, provides education till up to 10th class for the kids of our employees and growers.

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