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Our Employees Have Always Got Our Support

Bajaj Foundation

Published Sep 9, 2020

Bajaj Foundation has been promoting various community development interventions for betterment of the rural people. These activities are aimed at protection of natural resources, agriculture, social progress and providing livelihood opportunities. An integrated approach of all these activities has led to the reducing of poverty in the villages.

Maina Tai Vasu belongs to a lower-class family in Pimpalgaon, Deoli Block, Wardha, and is a member of Shri. Swami Samartha self-help group. Her husband is suffering from health issues and hence could not share her load in farming. They have been living in a small hut on the farm for the last 15 years. Due to the recurring failure of crops in the past few years, their condition became miserable, and their current financial condition could not support farming. Not just that, because of the poor financial condition, Maina Tai is unable to access proper health care facilities too.

Maina Tai was guided and supported by the Bajaj Foundation to initiate an income-generating activity for improving her financial condition. She was confident that Garam Masalas (Spices) prepared by her would impress the consumers and hence she began to make spices. Her son Manoj, began to sell the Garam Masala in the village and nearby villages. As a part of marketing strategy, he used to sell the quality products at a comparatively lesser price than available in the village grocery shop. He was earning Rs.400 weekly through this income-generating activity. For further improving the income Mainatai thought of selling Groundnut Laddu, Sesame laddu and mix Groundnut and Futana Laddu.

Bajaj Foundation further guided them to adopt practices of natural farming for the cultivation of their land. They were also given the required machinery and a stringent business plan.

Today, they are growing onion, chilli and coriander seeds required for Garam Masala along with sun hemp, cotton, pigeon pea and vegetables. They are selling Sharbat of sun hemp flowers which is medicinal and protect from sunstroke. They also sell vegetables at the village level.

Their monthly income has raised to Rs. 15,000 and, they are planning to reconstruct their house and give them access to better medical care. But, above all this, it is the happiness and smile which the family cherish.

More than 3425 such needy families like Maina Tai's have received support by Bajaj Foundation to strengthen the livelihood in Wardha district of Maharashtra.

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