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Relief from stagnant water and mosquitoes: Recharge Structure

Success Story Bajaj Foundation, Sikar

Rainwater running over the street of Mandoli village and water stored on the roadsides of it creates a problem for the people to move from one place to another. Even water that entered the premises of the home creates the problem of mosquitoes and malaria.

Water logging problem before the project


Bajaj Foundation suggested for the construction of a common water recharge structure at the drainage point of the watershed catchment area admeasuring 4,55,000 sq. mt. Villagers came forward and together and constructed a recharging structure with a depth of 69 meters under the technical guidance of Bajaj Foundation. After construction, rainwater running over the streets has been diverted into the recharge structure and has recharged 2,04,750 cubic meters of water into the ground during the monsoon season.

Thus, the villagers found a permanent solution to recharge the entire water during rainfall, permanently got relief from stagnant water and mosquitoes.

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