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Revival of defunct tube well through rainwater harvesting

Success Story Bajaj Foundation, Sikar

Mr. Pannaram Kumawat lives in village Sami, having 1.75 hectare of land and depends on rain water for irrigation. He has defunct tube well of depth is 184 feet in his farm and didn’t get water for irrigation during rabi and summer season.

Bajaj Foundation suggested him for reviving the tube well to recharge it through rain water. He was suggested to dig the surrounding area of defunct tube well within the radius of 4.5 feet width and 6 feet deep and construct it with cement. Making small holes on the borewell pipe at proper distance and inserted the same pipe in the defunct borewell. Prepared a pit nearby defunct tube well and filled it with filter material and the open mouth in the tube well tied up with net for filtration of water.

After receiving first rain, Mr. Pannaram observed that surrounding rainwater enter into the defunct tube-well. In the same year, he was able to arrange two irrigation for barley crop during rabi season after 7 years. After observing the benefits of recharging, in next year, he diverted his roof rain water in the same defunct tube-well. After this, he tested water in the lab and he got report with declining TDS upto 448 ppm from 1750 ppm.

Mr. Pannaram is very happy and says that by diverting roof water and recharging the borewell, brings new life for his family and for his agriculture land.

Other people also took inspiration from this intervention and started making this type of recharge structures. After this intervention, 9 farmers adopted this method of recharging in their defunct tube- wells and all have been benefitted.

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