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About Us / Sustainability

Sustainability at

At Bajaj Group, our operations are not just revenue-focused. Keeping up with the legacy of social responsibility, we also dedicate ourselves to achieving a successful balance between our business vision and social, economic and environmental goals.

The objective is to bridge the gap between our community stakeholders and the hurdles they witness. And, we approach it by understanding how certain problem areas can change into focus areas through developmental interventions.

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our focus areas

Natural Resource Management

Revive the dilapidated river systems of the farming villages in order to sustainably uplift the rural economy.

Enhancement of Livelihood Opportunity

Introduce farmers to sustainable agricultural practices and relevant technologies which are economically viable too.

Transforming Lives

Initiate multiple developmental interventions in the field of agriculture to empower the farming community.

Partnering for Growth

Extend a collaborative approach towards the agriculture community and other developmental stakeholders to enable the growth of the farmers.