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Work with community for their benefits

Success Story Bajaj Foundation, Sikar

Bajaj Foundation always prefers to involve the local community in resolving the problems at village level by utilizing available resources. We also create village institutions for planning and implementation of different need-based projects like Water Resource Development & Management programme, Self Help Groups for women empowerment, Farmers Club, Farmer Interest Groups and Farmer Producer Organizations for promotion of sustainable agriculture and Youth Mandals for plantation programme etc. This way we ensure community participation for their benefits with accountability and dignity.

We have established 1157 village institutions/committees which includes 50 Village Development Committees, 952 Self Help groups, 61 Kisan Clubs, 39 Farmers Interest Group, 3 Farmer Producer Organizations and 52 Youth clubs.

Through village institutions, we successfully covered 6338-acre horticulture and forestry plantation, constructed 1691 Biogas Plants, installed 198 Ground Water Recharge systems through Borewell/Open Well, constructed 52 Farm ponds/Percolation tanks and check dams, constructed 1188 Roof Rain Water Harvesting Structures, converted 1390 acre of uncultivable land developed into cultivable land through land levelling, installed 4084-acre Micro Irrigation Systems, covered 2500 farmers as shareholders under 3 Farmers Producer Company, supported to start livelihood to 264 Families under Neediest Families Upliftment Programme and 58 women benefitted with stitching machine and skill training programme (Sewing and Stitching).

We ensure that community participation should be either in-kind support or as financial support in every project to ensure better outcomes for all stakeholders, community ownership and lower project costs but more importantly, decision-makers genuinely want to hear ideas and feedback. We always respect and acknowledge the new information on a project by community members.

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