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Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil – Driven by Innovation

Bajaj Group

Corporate Communication Bajaj Consumer Care / Published Mar 12, 2020

Innovation first has always been our core strength at Bajaj Consumer Care. It has encouraged us to deliver value-adding products that meet the expectation of our consumers, making us a leading brand in the Hair Oil market. One such product that keeps our head held in pride is Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil. Made with the richness of almonds, the oil is lightweight and leaves a refreshing effect with its pleasant fragrance.

Now, what makes Bajaj Almond Hair Drops Oil a preferred choice for all? Well, the secret ingredient is innovation. Let us point out a few of the many reasons why Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil holds a popular position in the market.

First to launch Re.1 sachet

Launching a premium product was not the only objective for us. The aim was for the product to reach every household. In order to make the oil reach every corner of the country, we thought of introducing sachets. Why should the experience of Bajaj Almond Drops Oil be limited right? This move has helped the oil reach over 4 crore families every year.

Introduced a new category: Light Hair Oils

Insight plays an important role in our innovation initiatives. And hence, our research team regularly keeps an eye on the consumer requirements. We observed that our consumers are shifting towards lightweight, non-sticky oils. Leveraging on this changing trend, we launched a new category in our range of hair oil products – Light Hair Oils.

First to pitch hair oil as a styling tool

Who said hair oils are only mean for nourishment? We observed that Bajaj Almond Hair Drops Oil ticks all the boxes when it comes hairstyling too. Its lightweight in nature gets absorbed quickly thus making it non-greasy.

Introduced new ingredient to hair care – Almonds

For long, and of course for valued reasons, hair oil segment was dominated by coconut. Changing lifestyles have pushed consumers towards experimenting with other natural ingredients. Almond is one of the preferred ones. Now, we identified that almond is not just a rich source of nutrients but also offers great moisturizing properties.

Attracted attention with unique packaging

We know that packaging creates the first impression of every product. But, with the evolving taste of our consumers, we wanted to go beyond that notion. Combining our brand proposition of Load Mat Lo, and the key characteristics the oil being lightweight, we thought of extending the same rationale towards packaging. The bottle was made sleeker, the label was given an almond-like effect and adopted to environment-friendly glass bottles etc., making it a unique premium experience.

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