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Rejuvenation of Yashoda river basin project

Bajaj Foundation

Impact of Rejuvenation of Yashoda river basin project was carried out by Bajaj Foundation in collaboration with Govt. of Maharashtra, Tata Trusts and the local community in 99 villages covering 310 river revival sites.

It illustrated that 2,8262 acres of land were benefited including 2930 acres of land suffering from waterlogging conditions has been brought under irrigated farming. Recharging of 997 wells made increased the availability of water for irrigation for 246 days adding 55 days more to previous. The level of water available in those wells during pre and post-monsoon and in summer was noted to be 3.0 ft, 3.01 ft and 2.10 ft respectively.

The rainfall in the area was less than average this year and the area began to experience water scarcity from early December. But as a result of river rejuvenation work, there was some water available at intervals in streams for protective irrigation. This also increased water availability for drinking to human beings and animals by 106 days and 57 days respectively. The famers reported that the ground water table is improving and average increased up to 6 to 8 feet in the area.

The land under Kharif and Rabi crops was 11062 acres and 3422 acres before intervention which has been increased to 13052 acres and 3745 acres respectively. Awareness creation on optimum utilization of available water resulted in the use of sprinklers and drips over 885 acres and 705 acres of land. The increased availability of water for irrigation improved the yields of cotton, soyabean, pigeon pea and maize by 10%, 11% and 15% respectively. In Rabi season, production of wheat, chickpea, sorghum, maize and vegetables have increased by 9%, 9%, 11%, 29% and 23% respectively. The rejuvenation of river basin resulted in a 2% reduction in migration while 10% rise in annual income of farmers.

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